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I love the wonder in little eyes when they see a lollipop for the first time. I love it when snowflakes land on little eye lashes. I love a good solid mess like paint rubbed in hair or cake smashed into little pieces. I love the way a good homemade knit hat fits snuggly on a newly born baby. 

I have always loved art, excelling in art classes as a child. I grew up in a house with the most creative mother imaginable. I dabbled in design course work with some film photography in college before settling on library science. Years later, my oldest son was born and my passion for photography with my digital camera as my tool was born almost the exact instant I looked into his eyes. It was the only way I could figure out how to box up little moments to hold onto them.

My mission as a photographer is to help you capture those little moments from everyday life that you can hang beautifully as art in your home... images that will make you smile, laugh, cry and remind you of how much you love your little family. Images that help tell the story of your family.

I do not use flash in any of my work. I do not even own a flash. Light naturally touching little faces and features is so much prettier to me. I love crisp morning light just as much as a gorgeous setting sun. 

I am pinch-myself-every-night lucky to get to meet and laugh with so many amazing families over the last almost nine years. I am even more lucky to get to watch so many families grow-up and fall in love with one another in front of my lens. I hope you will become one of those families.




2016 Everyday Studios, Jessi Weithman Photography