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2016 Oh, SNAP! PHOTOGRAPHY CAMP: During the month of June, I will be offering a photography camp for kiddos ages 9 and up at the Houston House in Marysville. Please message me for details. 

ONE-ON-ONE: Private sessions for both parents available in the comfort of your home, complete with lighting tips customized to your home.

SMALL GROUP CLASSES: Each session is designed for 3-4 students, will last approximately two hours and cover DSLR camera basics, understanding light sources, and tips for what to do after you click.

Class is not intended for professional photographers, or those planning to start their own business, please contact me regarding mentor sessions if interested in pursuing photography for a more than a hobby. While we may touch on Photoshop, this class does not involve detailed Photoshop or Lightroom instruction. Watch for future classes on Photoshop coming soon.

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